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For sale Items New & Used. If you see anything that interests you, get in touch if you need more info and check back often for more items to be listed.    New link to a website that sells stickers, check it out! Thanks!

Bear Mountain Stickers (Facebook page)
Heath H. Roney makes a wild bike jump. (from gallery)(AdsByAAads)(Pic by©BMTS09)

"Stickers for sale" Bear Mountain Stickers

Dairy Milk Bottle w/cap Melville Dairy Burl,NC Photo Link (Click here!)

Dairy Milk Bottle w/cap Melville Dairy Burl,NC

Price: USD $ 39.95

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Hello read below item! _ Nash Dunn/Lexington Dispatch __17 Aug, 2012__ The U.S. Secret Service has confirmed it is investigating Zeek Rewards as well as the company's chief executive officer, Paul Burks. ==========================================================

North Carolina Attorney General's office has opened a hotline for concerned Zeek Rewards affiliates or retail customers, which can be reached by calling (919) 716-6046. Click to Read more! =================================================

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Collectors Glassware for sale!
Cartoon collections Glass , Pepsi and McDonaldland action series

Senator Gaylord Nelson, Founder of Earth Day

While sponsoring significant environmental legislation, Senator Gaylord Nelson will be long remembered as the founder of Earth Day. First held on April 22, 1970, Earth Day has become an annual national event to learn about ecology and what we can do to reduce environmental harm. Senator Nelson's interest in the environment started as a boy and continues after he left the Senate in 1981. Nelson is still active in promoting Earth Day and is a counselor to The Wilderness Society, an organization in Washington, D.C. devoted to protecting the environment. In 1995, Senator Nelson was awarded the Medal of Freedom in recognition of a lifetime of public service.

History and war books for sale new & used...




Coffee Mugs & Mouse pads page

Click Link to "Mugs & Mousepads" page for Coffee cup mugs & Mouse pads, of family and tractors, trucking interest items.     Thanks 

Owned by C.T. Roney heirs

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Children Books for sale, Disney/Pixar classics, Children's Books,Jack Sparrow,Toy Story characters,Woody the cowboy and Jessie the cowgirl,Buzz Lightyear and the whole gang from Andy's room,Pirates of the Caribbean


book photos page:

Frank Carpenter's Geographical Reader

Carpenter, Frank G.
Carpenter's Geographical Reader.
New York, Cincinnati, and Chicago: American Book Company, c1898.
352 pp. The copyright date is 1898.                

old book item# 12-1898cgr

A subsitute might be offer if one can be found, used, fair ,worn edges, pages aged.

$12.99+ Shippings


Click on Photo for more information!

Nice Glossy wall Posters, 11x14" poster
$4.99 shipping 4.89 .............. total $9.88

LONG BEACH NAVAL STATION Glossy wall Posters, 11x14" item# 12-usn00lbnss576

LONG BEACH NAVAL STATION mouse pad 9x8" Item# 12-usn00lbnss576


Old Cameras for sale!
click photo for more information..........

Pepsi electric wall clock w/light

FOR SALE PEPSI WALL CLOCK cost $ 99.99 ----- Shipping Chgs $ 26.99 --

--- * one only. It is 13 1/4" wide by 16" high by 5 1/2" deep. The 

clock body back is sheet metal with a clear plastic cover. ITEM # 14-

00PWC 0060                           paypal box here.

PEPSI WALL CLOCK electric ITEM # 14-00PWC 0060

small piece of plastic w/crack damaged on top, good condition and inside lighted for viewing.

Coffee mugs for sale!
item# 14-000 see photos sections

Photos mugs & mouse pads for sale!
click on image for details and link, also
new and used books for sale!

Clyde Thomas Roney

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