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Privacy Policy & Security Information

Privacy Policy

We as a merchant accept payments from you using PayPal. In doing so, we may share information about you with Suppliers, such as your email address, name and address. We use this information to confirm to that Supplier that you are a PayPal customer for your purchase transaction to occure and enable PayPal to handle payment for your purchase. Most of your payment transactions are handle only by PayPal and we have limted information on the information you provide them, unless you email us . Please see Privacy Policy for PayPal Services at their website and about Security for buying online and making payments. Look for the " secure Lock and //Https:" web-broswer symbol for safe transaction online, also visit Microsoft website for more information on security.

We do not sale or trade any of your personal information and have limited control over this website, as the webserver retains their own control and have information on their Privacy Policy and cookies use. We may amend this policy at any time by posting a revised version on our website.


PayPal handles payment transaction and will be able to better explain Security measures they use for all services they provide.

Please email for more information.

Privacy Policy

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