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Down the Great Unknown:Book Item# 00-JWP1869-1bk


Alexander Hamilton

America's Bold Lion:

by       John Roseburg

A biography of Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, discussing his accomplishments as well as the controversy and scandal that marked his career.

Publisher: Millbrook Press        pages. 185  Brand new condition

America's Bold Lion: Item# 00-AH185-mpbk

Best Little Stories from World War II
by C. Brian kelly
One of the fascinating things about war is the stories that come from 

it. Kelly has compiled over a hundred of these stories from World War 

II that would make any history buff proud. Books like this remind us 

that war is not only battles, generals and casualty rates. There is so 

much more beneath the surface. Wars are faught by people, by human 

beings, and when that many human beings share a common experience, 

there are certainly some good stories coming from it. Best Little 

Stories of World War II is a wonderful choice for anyone interested in 

history or in WWII. 352 pages
(Paperback) new..

Best Little Stories from World War II Item# 00-BLS2-00bk-bk


Beyond the Rhine: book Item# 00-BTR-00208DB-bk

Faith of My Fathers

John McCain learned about life and honor from his father and grandfather, both four star admirals in the U.S. Navy. This story covers their lives, their heroism, and the ways that sons are shaped and enriched by their fathers. John McCain's grandfather was one of the Navy's greatest commanders, and led the strongest aircraft carrier force of the THIRD FLEET in key battles during WWII. John's father followed a similar path, equally distinguished by heroic service in the Navy as a submarine commander during WWII, rising to the rank of four star admiral. The McCains became the first family in American History to achieve that distinction. John McCain Jr. became commander of all U.S. forces in the Pacific during the Vietnam war.

It was in the Vietnam war that John McCain III faced the most difficult challenge of his life. As a naval aviator he was shot down over Hanoi in 1967. His story tells of torture beyond belief, inhumane treatment by his Vietnamese captors during five and a half years of imprisonment.

After a career in the U.S. Navy and two terms as a U.S. Representative (1982-86), John McCain was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1986 and re-elected in 1992 and 1998. A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, with 22 years in the military, McCain became best known as " The U.S. Senator from Arizona."


1999   John McCain/Mark Salter    149 pages 

 (Hardcover)      List Price USA $ 25.00

ON SALE!  $ 12.50  + Shipping chgs.


A More Perfect Union DVD Item# 00-BO08MPU-DVD


by Louis L'Amour

Stripped of all he values in life, Ronan Chantry takes up his prized Ferguson rifle and heads west, into an unknown land and an uncertain future. For an educated man, Chantry is surprisingly tough. For a civilized man, he is unexpectedly dangerous. But even he can't know the true extent of his courage until he draws the fire of a man who will do anything, or kill anyone, for the glitter of gold.

Format: Paperback 

ISBN: 0553253034

Pages: 192

Availability: Sorry Limited quantity only.

Howard C. please buy the book on Ferguson rifle, I'm sure you would enjoy it, and any of the other books as well, Thanks! Fred R.

Brief history of the Ferguson.

The brainchild of Major Patrick Ferguson. Breechloaders had been built prior to Ferguson, most notably the rifles made by Chaumette, but they were delicate affairs, unsuited to the rigors of military requirements. Ferguson took an existing idea: the screw breech, and built it into a practical military firearm, or at least as practical as technology of the time (1770's) would permit.

Who are they? 1920s to 1950s picture album
Sellars families of Alamance County, NC

Do you know who this person is ? Sellars Families of Alamance co., North Carolina whoarethey Copyright© 2007

Down the Great Unknown: John Wesley Powell's 1869 Journey of Discovery

On May 24, 1869, a one-armed Civil War veteran named John Wesley Powell and a ragtag band of nine mountain men embarked on the last great quest in the American West. No one had ever explored the fabled Grand Canyon. The ten men set out from Green River Station, Wyoming Territory, down the mighty Colorado in four wooden rowboats. Ninety-nine days later, just six half-starved wretches came ashore near Callville, Arizona.

Drawing on rarely-examined diaries and journals, Down the Great Unknown is the first book to tell the full, dramatic story of the Powell expedition. Lewis and Clark opened the West in 1803, as memorably recreated in Stephen Ambrose's bestseller Undaunted Courage; six decades later Powell and his scruffy band aimed to resolve the West's last mystery. A brilliant narrative, a thrilling journey, a cast of memorable heroes -- all these mark Down the Great Unknown as the true story of the last epic adventure on American soil.       publs. 2001

America's  Last  Chance

 Senator gaylord Nelson

U.S. Senate 88th- 96th Congresses (1963-1981) Democrat-Wisconsin

America's Last Chance
Very Good in dust jacket. 1970. Hardcover. Modest wear to boards . Dust jacket is clipped , aged . Illustrated w/ 65 B&W photographs. Some of the staggering and sobering facts set forth By Senator Gaylord who stated in 1970 that we urgently needed to reverse the trend toward greater exploitation of our natural resources; Folio; 12-1/2 x 9-1/2"; 98 pages English, B&W Photographs; Hardcover.

Publisher: Country Beautiful Corporation



America's Last Chance Item# 00-ALC-1970-GNbk


Beyond the Rhine: A Screaming Eagle in Germany

Donald R. Burgett and the rest of the paratroopers of the 101st Airborne had fought long and hard since the Normandy invasion. They fought through seventy-two days of continuous combat in Holland, and thirty days of frozen hell in Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge. War weary, tired, and bloodied, Burgett and other Screaming Eagles of A Company were heading for the last battle, the drive that would carry them through Alsace, Germany's Ruhr Valley, the Rhineland, Austria, and the end of the war in Europe." "The last push across Germany did not hold the full-scale fanatic resistance the U.S. command had expected, but rather, small pockets of die-hard Nazis unwilling to admit that they had lost. It became clear why some did not wish to surrender. Burgett and the other American soldiers discovered forced labor camps of half-starved Poles, Russians, Czechs, and Jews; men, women, and children all forced to labor for the cause of Germany, or die." "Burgett and his men liberated four Nazi concentration camps where inmates were starved, brutally and systematically tortured, medically and surgically experimented on, and finally gassed and cremated. Burgett writes: "German guards were still forcing inmates to stoke the furnaces with human bodies as we tore through the barbed-wire enclosures. We witnessed atrocities that were beyond human comprehension."" "The Americans fought on from the Black Forest in Bavaria, to Berchtesgaden, where VE day found the Screaming Eagles finally at rest in the Eagle's Nest, Hitler's fabled mountaintop retreat.    pages 208      hardcover.

 Random House Publishing Group


Faith of My Fathers Item# 00-JMcC1999MS-bk

  • A More Perfect Union DVD
    Barack Obama's landmark speech on race delivered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on March 18th, 2008. DVD contains extra features accessible via your computer. 1 for $12 

    Our Price: $12.00 A More Perfect Union DVD

    USPS Priority Box $5.80

    Total Cost $17.80

  • Plan for a Clean Energy Future

    "Well, I don't believe that climate change is just an issue that's convenient to bring up during a campaign. I believe it's one of the greatest moral challenges of our generation. That's why I've fought successfully in the Senate to increase our investment in renewable fuels. That's why I reached across the aisle to come up with a plan to raise our fuel standards… And I didn't just give a speech about it in front of some environmental audience in California. I went to Detroit, I stood in front of a group of automakers, and I told them that when I am president, there will be no more excuses — we will help them retool their factories, but they will have to make cars that use less oil."

    — Barack Obama, Speech in Des Moines, IA, October 14, 2007

  • 209_t.jpg

    THE FERGUSON RIFLE Book Item# 00-FR1700-LA-bk


    Click here for History of Ferguson Rifle!

    Learn more about The Ferguson Rifle

    National Military Park


    National Park Service website

    Clyde Ruffian Roney family photo book
    color & B/W photos 115pages AABooks. Item# 00R-00CRR78

    AABooks. Item# 00R-00CRR78 
    cost                         ......$29.99     
    Shipping & Handling:$2.99
    Total:     ..........           $32.98 USD 

    Prices subject to change, due to
     printing or shipping charges.
    Out of Stock must special order only!
    Please email for purchase request.

    Clyde Ruffian Roney family photo book, color & B/W photos 115pages (READY 15/Nov/2009)AABooks. Item# 00R-00CRR78

    Toy Story, Pirates of the Caribbean
    AlamanceatticKidsBooks for sale!

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    About the Author

    Edward Dolnick is the former chief 

    science writer at the Boston Globe. He
     has written for the Atlantic Monthly,the
     New York Times Magazine, the
    Washington Post, and many other 
    publications. He made his first 
    Grand Canyon river trip twenty 
    years ago. He is married and has
     two children. Binding: Hardcover
     Language: English
     Illustrations: Yes 
    Pages: 367 
    Dimensions: 9.58x6.48x1.27 in. 1.55 lbs. 
    Publisher: HarperCollins
     NEW BOOK, may have remainder mark .
     Very Good   
    Down the Great Unknown .  
      $27.50      + $3.99shipping 

    Senator Gaylord Nelson,
     Founder of Earth Day

    While sponsoring significant environmental
    legislation, Senator Gaylord Nelson will 
    be long remembered as the founder of Earth 
    Day. First held on April 22, 1970, Earth 
    Day has become an annual national event to 
    learn about ecology and what we can do to
    reduce environmental harm. Senator Nelson's
     interest in the environment started as a
     boy and continues after he left the 
    Senate in 1981. Nelson is still active in
     promoting Earth Day and is a counselor to
     The Wilderness Society, an organization
     in Washington, D.C. devoted to protecting
     the environment. In 1995, Senator Nelson
    was awarded the Medal of Freedom in 
    recognition of a lifetime of public service.
    Satisfaction Guaranteed!
     Good to Very Good condition 
    $6.99   + $3.99shipping
    America's Last Chance

    Alexander Hamilton
    America's Bold Lion:
    $12.99 + shipping 3.99
    tl..$ 16.98

    Best Little Stories from World War II
    by C. Brian kelly
    $14.25 + shipping 3.99 tl.. $ 18.24

    Beyond the Rhine: 
    A Screaming Eagle in Germany
    $22.95 + shipping 3.99   tl..$ 26.94

    Faith of my Fathers:
    John McCain
    item#  fa-50191

    A More Perfect Union DVD
    DVD extra features instructions: 
    Extra features on official Barack Obama
     DVDs can be accessed by placing the 
    DVD disc into your computer. On PCs, open
     the disc using My Computer, in order to 
    view the extra feature files. On Macintosh 
    computers, open the disc using    Finder. 
    Additionally, on Macintosh computers, 
    extra features can be accessed through
     DVD menus using the built-in DVD Player.
     Simply enable DVD@ccess functionality 
    through the Disc Setup menu in the DVD
     Player preferences.               (Limted item)

    Price: $8.99
    Plus shipping chgs.
    by Louis L'Amour
    Available After November 30, 2008.
    Media Mail                 est. chgs 2.50
    for shipping.
    (NOTE:  Prices of items and shipping
     cost are subject to change, before 
    ordering, Please email first for any
     changes, if any.            Thanks ! 
     WHICH is optional but please 
    understand that if you choose not 
    to purchase insurance then I can not
     be held responsible for loss or damage
     during transit. 7 DAY RETURN POLICY
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    Copyright 2009AAbooks

    C.R. Roney family photos book
    C.R. Roney family photos book 115pgs clr/bw photos (AABooks2009)

    Clyde Ruffian Roney family 
    Old family photos of family members, from 
    Alamance County N.C., with brief history
    of Roney family and kin. Photos old and new
    by several family members and edited by 
    F.A. Roney. color & B/W photos est. 115 pages. 
    photo book  Item# 00R-00CRR78
    AlamanceAttic Book Shop  
    Copyright 2009

    Out of Stock must special order only!
    Please email for purchase request.

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