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W.C. RONEY TRUCKING CO. photos page

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Zack's Hot Dogs The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, since 1928. 201 W Davis St. Burlington, NC 27215 (336) 226-4746

WC Roney Trucking Co., Inc. Burlington, NC
William Chesley Roney beside storeage warehouse 1970s.

W.C. RONEY TRUCKING CO., Inc.  Burlington, NC

William Chesley Roney,Sr. (b. 1908- d. 1988) started his moving 
and trucking bussiness in the 1930s while part time working his Ice 
Cream sales in a truck, on three wheel bike or a Cushmans motor 
scooter. During world war II he did part time work on loading dock at 
Associated Transport and also work in dye house at Burlington 
Industries, Pioneer plant.  He was a moving company agent for several 
large firms serving Burlington, NC and Alamance county area for many 
years handling statewide service with a small storage warehouse, 
first rented from John Long then later with Mr. Zimmerman on Park 
Ave. and Lakeside st. of Burlington.  Mr. Nolen Wooten and sons were 
a customer who had rented part of a warehouse there during the 1970s
-80s, they were a great family business to know and work with. After 
my older brother Gary finish high school he took over most of the 
driving then as Pop had serious eye trouble, they both did many a 
moving job both local and statewide. I was helping with work when big 
enough, just as my other brothers had before me and I begun full time 
working about 1974 or 1975.  Pop had health problems which along with natural ageing and a life 
time of hard work, had slowly weak him and finely took him from us 
one night in July of 1988. He was married to my Mom (Mary McPherson) 
for over fiftyfour years and had four sons that they raised, one 
infant son (W.C. Roney, Jr.) died in 1943, He was the son of Clyde 
Ruffin Roney and Bernice Boone Roney of Burlington, NC.   (F.A. Roney 2009)


1963 Ford cabover 24' van (1980pic.)
with foldup liftgate use for freight, household moving & storage service and salt distribution.

Brown 45' trailer (1980spic).
45' trailer use mostly to haul rolls of manufacture finish goods fabric and yarn goods.

Fred Roney beside of 1966 International cabover.
1966 International twinscrew tandam axle 318 Detroit diesel sleeper, "Cornbinder". (photo 1980s)

WC Roney Trucking Co 1970 Chevy van (1970spic)
1970 Chevy van & UHaul trailer, Agent for Bekins Van Lines

W.C. Roney beside of Stark Bros., fruit tree.
W.C. Roney sold Stark Bros., fruit trees and products, 1960s-70s.

W.C. Roney and Stark Bro's fruit trees

Too young to drive, 1946 Chevy truck (1950spic.)
But in a few years old enough to ride with dad until being old enough for school.(FAR09)1950spic.

WC Roney was agent for Red Ball Motor Freight
First a local agent for E.T.&W.N.C. Transportation, then Red Ball Motor Freight.

Dodge dump truck (1961?).RCRcolorslide1960s.
1..Clyde Thomas Roney 2.. Gary W.Roney 3.. Cheryl L.Roney (Mrs. R. Massey) 4... John R. Roney

Wheaton Van Lines, Inc.
WC Roney was a Agent for Wheaton Van Lines, Inc.

Wholesale Radio Service Co., Inc. 12 July 1939
A letter about a generator, 600 watt 110 volt for ice cream cooling for a 1hp gas

address To:
Roney's ice cream service    Burlington, NC

Wholesale Radio Service Co., Inc.      12 July 1939
Atlanta, Ga.   
A letter about a generator, 600 watt 
110 volt for ice cream cooling driven off shaft from
a 1hp gasoline engine. 

from: Mr. S.T. Deloach, Jr.

J.W. Long Sand & Grading, Inc.
A.M.Perry Jr. 1202 Rauhut St. Burlington, NC 336-227-4244

J.W. Long & Sons, sand & Grading Company was founded sometime early 1930s with John long, senior as owner, his brother helping  and his sons when old enough to work, as drivers and equipment operators.
. They would load sand that had wash into ditches one shovelful after another by hand untill a truck was full. The work was hard so when it was time to rest, the music was western and dancing and singing was all night long untill the moon went down.  Mr. Long pass away in 1966 and his sons Willie P. Long, Vestal Long and stepson John Long operated the company for twenty more years and sold the business to a long time employee A.M. Perry, Jr. and Walter B. Wyatte, Jr. in 1987. I had work full time about 1990 and later part time with them for several years, they do grading for building pads, roadways and demolitation work. The sale of sand for construction, playgrounds and fill dirt, topsoil also. We have haul many a load of gravel (Rock) for driveways, parking lots and construction jobs through out Alamance county and mostly Burlington, NC area. Call  * them and speak with Mrs. Wyatte about their services and products or visit them at 1202 Rauhut St. in Burlington, NC. (FAR09)
* phone 336-227-4244

J.W. LONG SAND & GRADING, INC. photos Link_

See Video "Winter in Gettysburg" by Fred Findley

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Gettysburg Bicycle & Fitness © 2011
Cool mountain bike
Gettysburg Bicycle & Fitness © 2011


Fred Roney at RailRoad St. office and warehouse
1963 White road tractor single axle Cummins 220 Diesel engine (est 1980s).

Moving job 1970s (RCRpic1970s)
1956 GMC moving van & 1970 Chevy van Agent for Bekins Van Lines

1970 Dodge Gas single axle local roadtractor
old McLean Trucking Co. Local tractor truck. (1980spic).

They made America "Malcolm McLean", PBS.

When we first moved to Railroad Street location about 1981, we were next door to the McLean Trucking Company local terminal. Mr. Joe DeHart was manger and ast., Mgr. and clerk was Maynard McCain and local company drivers, all a fine bunch to know, but time and decading brain cells have misplace their names. Please email me  if you were a local driver from Burlington, NC with McLean Trucking Company.  

Malcolm McLean of McLean Trucking The Truck Driver Who Reinvented Shipping

W.C. Roney beside of the 1956 GMC moving van
1970s was a Agent for Cartwright Van Lines, Inc. (1970s).

WC Roney Ice Cream truck (1930spic).
W.C. Roney and his Ice Cream truck, 1930s (Southern Dairies, Inc.)

Roney's Ice Cream Service Burlington, NC Copyright ©far 2007 Item # RICS

1963 White road tractor and Flatbed trl with load.
1963 White road tractor single axle Cummins 220 Diesel engine at Railroad st. warehouse.(1980spic)

46 chevy van WC Roney Trucking Co photo
46 chevy van WC Roney Trucking Co.Copyright ©far 2007

1946 chevy van WC Roney Trucking Co photo Copyright ©far 2007 Item # WCRTK

Mom & Robert at farm of James Isley. (1940s)
Mary M. Roney, Robert C. Roney & 1940s Dodge dump truck of dads in background view.

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WC Roney was a agent for National Van Lines, Inc.
National Van Lines, Inc. postcard 1950s. (WCRpics)

Moving job, unloading UHaul flat trailer. (1970s).
G.W.Roney, F.A. Roney, R. Ashworth

Cold and Snow (1980s)
1970 Dodge truck and 45" freigtht Trailer in snow, (WCRpic).

from the Office of Defense transportation motor fuel allotments / Nov-24-1943

WCR Trucking Equipment Link page INT TD-40, Cleveland Trencher, Speedex Garden tractor, Leader tractor

Massey Redi-Mix Concrete plant Burlington, NC
Randy & Phil Massey Located at Railroad St., phone 336-221-8100

I had work with Randy and his brother Phil at Massey Redi-Mix Concrete, located at Railroad St. Burlington, NC, for a few years when they first open their new plant in 1997. They have had good growth and kept busy providing service to the local area and has a new plant in Greensboro, NC area also. Hardworking and friendly drivers are dispatch with orders in a timely fashion in bright clean, late model trucks for their customers fastest most efficant best value and lowest cost service for concrete needs. For pure Concrete with quality and great service call them at: 336-221-8100 or if you live in Alamance county vist them off of Railroad St. between Burlington and Graham.    (F.A.R09)


Snow 2008
1981 Mack Roadtractor and Caterpillar D-6 dozer , (FAR2008).

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Brown Transport office Atlanta terminal KK(2009)p
Picture by kennesaw kid, kennesaw, Ga.(6/4/09) alt by FAR2009. Office, shop and loading docks.

Back in 1987-88, I had work for Brown Transport Corp. out of greensboro, NC driving over the road                                              mostly east of the Mississippi River, as far north to Providence, RI (the first trip I went to for Brown, as a team with Ed Lewis, a former Thurston driver), across to Chicago,IL then to Nashville,Tn and by Charlotte,NC to return at home terminal in Greensboro,NC. On later trips I made was like Columbus,OH and Edison,NJ or Farmingdale,NY. Many a truckload run with                                   tobacco products, local manufacture fabric goods or less than truckload shipments items for any of the many eastern U.S. terminals of Brown or former Thurston Trucking, Co. . Sometimes I left the
 home terminal driving a local daycabover roadtractor unit driving all the way to St.Paul,Mn and St.Louis,MO., many of the roads were like washboards to drive on like down east to Flordia, and back (in Ft.  Pierce, where Mr. Brown had retired to.) and out west, as far as Dallas, Texas.   
(Fred Roney)-Burlington,NC(7/29/2009)   

The 4 columns came from a plantation house in Milledgeville, GA
that was built in 1858 and survived Sherman's march to the sea....
Mr. Claude Brown bought them when they were taking the house
down and shipped them to Milton Avenue in Atlanta for his new home
 terminal beiong built in Atlanta, Ga. early 1980s. Brownie the elf
was designed by Mrs. Brown a (Great Southern lady by the way) back
in the late 50"s. It was to show the company's service as that of the
shoemaker and the elves. (kennesaw kid)- kennesaw, Ga. (6/4/09)

See trucking boards for more information, Caution some comments and  
language can be rough like a old concrete highway in neglect.

www.truckingboards/ about brown-transport

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